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You’re thinking “I know where I am and it is not rich!” You’re not even sure if you are well off.

I was like you. You have a job, a house, bills to pay. You spend your time shopping, getting together with friends, going to movies and stuff, watching TV, dreaming about your next vacation, looking forward to the weekend.  Your life is full. When will you have time to think about your money?

I was like you. You know how to work hard, and you do. When you’re not working, you like to play, have fun, be with friends and family. You know how to save money on your purchases. You know a deal when you see one. You watch your pennies. You live within your means, well, maybe. And you’re saving for retirement. Well, you hope you’ll have enough for retirement but you’re not sure. What do you need to know to retire comfortably?

I was like you. You like learning new things but what’s there to learn about money? You do what we were taught; Earn a paycheck, pay your bills and save what you can for retirement. But sometimes there’s more month at the end of the money. Then something bad happens and you’re dipping into your savings for … a new car, a needed vacation, braces, or dance lessons. “This great deal was just too good to pass up….we’ll use it eventually… I really wanted it… It was just too adorable. I must have it…” So you think your money is just not enough. How do you get more money?

Decide today  >>>> Are you going to do whatever it takes to change financially where you are today and where you are going?

Here’s three steps you can start today:

  1. Delay Gratification.
  2. Define Money rules
  3. Practice Time Management.

Delay Gratification: Live within your means now. Get out of Debt. Never dip into savings.

Money Rules: Pay yourself first. Put money aside for buying assets, not toys. Learn Accounting. Play the game CashFlow by Robert Kiyosaki. Define your personal money rules.

Time Management: Set aside time to educate yourself. Stop wasting time on TV or computer games. Take time to read books on money, investing, finances, etc.

Don’t look glum. Treasure your family and friends and the time you spend with them. Choose how to spend your time and your money instead of letting them slip away unnoticed. Remember, the sacrifices you make today will lead to a brighter tomorrow.

Congratulation!    You are on your way!

Ann LaRoche