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Thursday March 8

What a great New England morning. I can’t think of a better way to start the day. A good shoveling is a great substitute for working out. Ugh. I hope that telling myself these things will help. But I’m not really feeling it. I am so ready for spring!

I have noticed throughout the years that even investors are a little less motivated during the bitter cold and snowy days of winter. I seem to find a lot of great deals in December and January. Then usually what happens is by Late February early March things heat up and the deals dry up. Fortunately after this surge, things usually settle down and there are good deals to be had.

Where things stand now holds true to this observation. Properties that have been for sale longer than 30 days have gone UAG and are no longer available. I have a couple projects in the works in anticipation of this. And so I will have a busy early spring. If you are going to be successful as an investor you should get to know the trends. In our REWT Group meetings we talk about trends and things to pay attention to. This spring is poised to be a good one as long as the market holds. Inventory is extremely low and that is good news on the resale side of things.

I definitely enjoy real estate investing much better when the weather is nice. I don’t have to worry about heating issues or broken pipes. No need to worry about shoveling walkways and plowing driveways. I am hoping this is the last time this season I will be battling a good size snow storm. I tend to seriously consider investing in warmer markets on days like this.

And so with that I drag myself out of bed and I head out to tackle the day.  The first order of business is shoveling.