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Tuesday March 13

Where exactly did Monday go? I had to wake up extra early to start my day. And I hit the ground running. I had every intention of getting around to writing down some of my thoughts and it just didn’t happen. This is why I rely on my to do lists so much. You are going to have days where prioritization will be incredibly necessary. And you are only going to get done the necessary things on your list. Sometimes you’ll look at your list and ask if I only have time for one thing which one will be most beneficial for the time that is available.I look back on yesterday and I don’t think that a lot was accomplished. However, I did get the most important things done for the day. And it had to be good enough because time just flat ran out. I thought of writing more than once but as the day unfolded it unfortunately just had to take the back burner.

Time management is not a skill that is taught in our grade schools. And it is really obvious in real estate investing when the contractors you work with don’t have it. As you endeavor to become a solid investor, you will need time rules as well as money rules. You will be pulled in a bunch of different directions and you will  have to prioritize what gets your attention first. This is really important because you will be juggling many different schedules including your own. And I find most of the contention during a project happens because of scheduling issues. And most of the stress associated with real estate investing has to do with time management or lack thereof.

As each day unfolds there will be challenges that arise which were not originally planned for. How you deal with these curve balls will determine how successful you can be. Here is what I have observed. There are many people who let life happen to them or they devote their time and energy to something that will not give them any benefit. They run around putting out fires and solving problems and a lot of times they are other peoples problems. Sometimes these problems seem large and daunting.

A flat tire at a really bad time can throw anyone for a loop. But really is there ever a good time for a flat tire? If you take a step back, and a deep breath, time usually solves everything. You are on the side of a road with a flat. Make the call you need or put your donut on. Get your car to where it can be fixed. While it is being fixed maybe you could get some important calls done or write down notes for a meeting you have scheduled with a contractor so when you do get to that appointment, it can be more efficient. Do not let the curve ball consume your precious time. Do not spend time talking about how inconvenient it is, it will not solve it and it will take away more of your time. Deal with the situation at hand and accept the amount of time it needs but only what it needs. Because time is one thing you cannot get back!