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Yes, this is Ann. Renee is taking a break from blogging. She’s an amazing woman. As busy as she is, she took on blogging daily. Blogging daily is hard work. And she is not just writing daily, she’s sharing her heart. She cares every much for your success. She wants you to learn to do what we have done in real estate investing; just faster and better than we did.Let’s let her know how much we appreciate her. I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t figured out how to get the comments on the blog page working  yet. But you can LIKE her on Facebook. Leave your comments for her there too. If you are wondering just how busy she is, check out our Project Gallery page. She’s involved in some capacity with every one of these properties. Three of these project are Real Deals with our students. You can leave comments on any property page. Let’s cheer them on.

Like I said, Renee is incredible! Still she wonders if anyone is reading the blog. Let her know you are. Let her know that you appreciate her insights and wisdom. Another great way to do that is in person. Come out to our next event, April 3rd. You can find it on our calendar. Our classes are chuck full of good information. Renee can talk for hours on many aspects of RE investing. She’ll answer your questions. She’ll address your concerns. She’s been there. She can help you through it too.

Now before she stops me, there’s a course coming up; eight weeks to Learn your RE Market. She is sharing all her knowledge about finding RE deals. You won’t want to miss it. It starts April 7th. Register before the class fills up. The info on the course is under Courses.  Feel free to ask us about it on April 3rd. I got to go now. ….