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Friday March 16

Ok, I see how it is. I get busy for a few days and my diary gets hacked. (smile). I really am grateful every day for the good people I am surrounded by. This brings me to my rant for the morning. And I will apologize in advance for the rant.

Why is it that there are difficult people everywhere you go? For our consideration, I have a case study. Or two ….I can honestly say that I run into more than my fair share of difficult people in real estate investing. Statistically they seem to work for the towns. And always in positions of power. Now I want to clarify. When I say difficult people, I do not mean someone who is in a bad mood or not having a great day. I am also not talking about anyone who is overworked and being asked to go above and beyond. I am considering someone who intentionally goes out of their way to make a simple thing much harder than it needs to be. Just because they can. I will share a few examples.

You go to the town offices for the purpose of clarifying a town bylaw. You arrive within normal business hours, you are not the first person when they open and you are not the last person just before they close. I’d say it’s a pretty safe time. You enter the office and find two personnel who see you. They look over and then resume their coffee talk conversation.  There is no acknowledgement of your presence, no good day greeting, or please wait a moment, nothing. You might as well not even be standing there. Minutes pass while they continue a long drawn out conversation that personally you don’t even find that entertaining. At least make the story good. I wish I had timed it. I realize that time gets grossly overstated in situations like these, but I can assure you it was long enough to be uncomfortable. In my mind I can’t help but think who does that??


A closing is scheduled and the MLC (municipal lien certificate) is overlooked. It’s needed for the closing. Let’s explain what this MLC is. It is a piece of paper that states the amount owed for water and sewer on the property it is requested for. It is an “official” bill, as it is printed on town letterhead nice and fancy you see. Now of course, if you had just gone in to pay your bill, they would take a few minutes pull it up and print it out – not on the fancy town letterhead- but then they’d take your money no problem. I guess when you need an MLC, it becomes an entirely different process. You are told that you will not be getting it “today”. They have up to 20 days to prepare it. And you better believe if you say the wrong thing it will take the whole 20 days! So instead you are left to smile and say thank you. But to add the frosting to this cake, if your attorney calls, suddenly the 20 day process is shortened to 15 minutes and a fax.

I could actually write a book on the different situations I have encountered pursuing my real estate career. But I like to remain positive. SO I try to see what I can learn from these situations, and there are two lessons. First, never forget anything, and Second, have all the answers.

Seriously I don’t know if there is a lot to learn in the situation itself. But the best thing you can take away is how you handle less than ideal situations.  It is a skill you’ll need to refine. Especially if you want to be successful in investing. It takes patience and practice to not get hot headed and tackle the whole corrupt system head on. But then there may be times where you will need to stand up for what is right. Over the years I have found that I now have a good sense of knowing which situations will require fighting boldly and which situations I just quietly suffer through and move on. As always that choice is yours.