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Tuesday March 20

Well it is early and I am ready to roll. Yesterday was a great day because I got a lot done. I still have a lot to do but that goes without saying.  I am really excited with how Burghardt is coming along. It is pretty much done and ready to list. I have started the process of staging it. I am giving myself 1 week to get that process done. The appliances which are the last outstanding item are being delivered on Thursday. I chose to go with Black Stainless and it’s going to look great. I am listing the house on Friday. So they will be here just in time.

The photos above are from one room that I have started to work on. I felt really good when my son didn’t even recognize the house. He had been there once before to pull up all the carpeting that had to be removed. He came most recently to help me move some furniture around. And he was completely shocked at what a difference the furniture and room decor makes in the presentation of the home.

It is interesting that I never looked into staging a property more seriously. I guess in my mind it was too expensive as there are people I know who charge $5000.00 or more to stage a home. So I set out to give this a try. I gave myself a $1000.00 budget. I decided it was worth the investment to get top dollar for the listing. Now I am completely sold on this idea. I have had so much fun doing this! I kind of feel like I am on one of the makeover shows where they go around and tell you how much they spent on each piece they bought. They have a tight budget but somehow they always make it work. The best part of the process is when, you find exactly what you are needing, and it’s super cheap. It really is thrilling! I usually don’t enjoy shopping but I have enjoyed it these past couple of days.

So after more than 15 years of doing real estate investing and rehabbing houses, I have learned something new! Never be afraid to be open to new ideas. To be really successful you need to keep moving forward and not get stuck in your ways. This process of staging is really the icing on the cake for my rehabbing system. It is the final creative touch. The house is my canvas.

Unfortunately I cannot spend a whole day at Burghardt, as much as I want to! I have decisions to be made elsewhere and appointments to keep. Stay tuned for more pictures to the project galley by the end of the week. I think you’re going to like it.