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Wednesday March 21

It’s going to be a great day. I am super excited the snow storm has slowed down so I can get a few more things done this morning before it starts to snow later today! Of course an even better morning report would have been that it is missing us all together. Can you believe we are still talking about snow when March is 2/3 ‘s over?  I have a plan so I can get the most done and be home before it starts snowing.The one good thing about poor weather, for me and any dedicated real estate investor is that this kind of weather allows for more opportunity. You have better chances of finding a great deal because there are less people out and about looking. Only die hard investors get out in the cold doldrums of the winter and snatch up property. That is because you have to be thinking ahead. This weather is temporary and the days pass rather quickly. Before long we will be having warm sunny days and that is when everyone comes out of the woodwork. Any your competition increases significantly. So I am out to look at a few potential projects this morning.

For later today I’d like to get another hour or two in over at Burghardt. Here are some more pics showing the staging coming along.


I am happy with the progress so far. I have the bathroom staged, and the living room pretty much staged. The appliance are getting delivered tomorrow so I should be able to get to the kitchen and dining area completed on Friday. I’ll be sure to upload photos when I do. I am still debating about the bedrooms. I am  not sure I need to add furniture to them?  My thoughts are that it’s a bedroom and furniture for bedrooms is pretty standard. So let me know your thoughts on that if you have any. You can comment write in FB on our REWT page.

Angela’s project is coming along. She has stripped the house on the interior and we have a clean slate or canvas if you read yesterday’s post.  So yesterday we spent some time working on a floor plan.  It was pretty fun to have a meeting of the mind’s. There were four of us. Myself, Angela, Alan and the plumber. Fran had drawn us up some pretty great options. He’s extremely talented in the planning department. In a different life he could have been an architect. From one of his drawings that we really liked, we came up with a plan that we all pretty much agreed was the best way to go. It will maximize the space the home has to offer and it will make the property marketable to a larger audience. That is super important.

Now, the fun begins and we will make the plan come to life. So stay tuned to our project gallery for updates!