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Tuesday February 20th ~ So Much To Do

Tuesday February 20th 6:30 am

I have a long list of people to call. My plumber, carpet installer, and partner are at the top of the list. Pleasant 32 is on a crash course to be finished by Monday. There is so much that has to happen there in such a short amount of time that I am trying not to worry about it. The people are in place and I have to trust that it will get done. In the world of real estate investing I have learned it is best to worry only when I have to. Almost everything works out. This is true whether I am flipping a house or dealing with tenants in my rentals. It is 6:25 am now. I am going to head over there to check the progress early so as not to interrupt the contractors.

On my way there I will swing by 33 Center Depot so I can at least grab an outside photo. I have clients that are doing their very first house flip at that address.

At Shepard I need to get the plumber there – he’s been busy and is at the point where things are being held up. Hence the much needed phone call.

Finally, I am going to try and get at least an hour in at Burghardt today. The granite is supposed to be installed today and I need to get a faucet there. I posted pictures from yesterday’s excursion. I had to pull out all the staples left from the carpeting. I decided to do it because my contractors are needed for the more skilled work on other projects. I have been seriously considering staging this property. I am going to look into the logistics and cost of it. I know for a fact that empty homes don’t sell as well as occupied homes. But with all the houses I have flipped I have never done staging. I do think it’s time to consider it. I will be sure to share what I learn and ultimately decide. I would like to get this house ready by the end of next week. Truthfully, I don’t feel super confident on that timeline though.

Today my schedule is pretty full. My partner Ann and I will meet mid morning. Tonight The REWT Group is hosting the game Cashflow. If you haven’t played this game and you are considering real estate investing you should. Or if you are an investor and never played the game Cashflow, you should. I was already investing in multi families when I first played it. This game taught me how to think about money differently. And it definitely altered my course in investing. If you live in the Worcester MA area feel free to join us!


Monday February 19th Today is the Day

I am going to do something different. And I hope you’ll share this journey with me. I hope that it will in its own small way inspire you to do something different as well. Get out there and achieve. So with that, I decided I am going to journal my real estate investment activities daily and share them with you. This will read more…

Developing the Investor Mindset

How are your decisions going today? I hope you find yourself making decisions left and right. Do you feel great or what? As I said the other day, making simple decisions is great practice for becoming a skilled real estate investor. As an investor you will be bombarded with choices all day long.  (if you didn’t read the post and you want to you can click here). read more…

First Step on the Real Estate Investor Mindset Journey

Step 1 on the  journey to becoming a Millionaire.

Let’s get right to the point. The real secret to making and having more money is YOUR mindset.

  • Do you want to make more money?
  • Do you need to make more money?
  • Do you want to improve your financial security?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I would tell you that you need to master your mind. How do you do that? You start by making decisions. Now as you’re reading this I am sure there are lots of thoughts popping into your head. Maybe you are having some of the following thoughts: read more…

Do you WANT to be a Millionaire …Decide Now!

Growing up I always had a roof over my head and 3 meals a day. But my parents lived paycheck to paycheck. When my dad lost his job, things at home became very stressful. The lack of money caused a lot grief too. These experiences in my formative years inspired me to make the decision that I was not going to live like that. I decided I would have money when I was older. At the age of 5 I already had a desire for financial security. After all, that is what money provides. I thought at the time that a good job was equivalent to financial security.  I thought, what can I do that will always be needed? My Answer? I will become a doctor. This one decision laid the groundwork for where I am today. I am not a doctor (in case you were wondering) But I could have been if I had wanted to be. When the time arrived, I chose another way. I attained the financial security I was looking for, but my path as it turned out, was through real estate investing. read more…