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Blogging daily is hard work.

Yes, this is Ann. Renee is taking a break from blogging. She’s an amazing woman. As busy as she is, she took on blogging daily. Blogging daily is hard work. And she is not just writing daily, she’s sharing her heart. She cares every much for your success. She wants you to learn to do what we have done in real estate investing; just faster and better than we did. read more…

Curve Ball’s

Tuesday March 13

Where exactly did Monday go? I had to wake up extra early to start my day. And I hit the ground running. I had every intention of getting around to writing down some of my thoughts and it just didn’t happen. This is why I rely on my to do lists so much. You are going to have days where prioritization will be incredibly necessary. And you are only going to get done the necessary things on your list. Sometimes you’ll look at your list and ask if I only have time for one thing which one will be most beneficial for the time that is available. read more…

What Is Your Bike?

Saturday March 10th

It’s early and I cannot sleep. This is partially because I am so used to my schedule and it is partially because I see so much need around me. It is hard to watch people you know struggle with life, and especially finances. I know that I’m not equipped to solve all life problems, but I do feel like I know a thing or two about finances. read more…

Friday’s Here – Check

Friday March 9

I am looking forward to today. As always there’s a lot to do, but each day brings me one step closer to completion on another project. Each day another box get checked. I love using checklists! They help me see what I need to do and prioritize. I am closing out this week feeling pretty good.

I finally got to look into the idea of staging Burghardt and what it will cost. Check. read more…

A Fun New England Morning

Thursday March 8

What a great New England morning. I can’t think of a better way to start the day. A good shoveling is a great substitute for working out. Ugh. I hope that telling myself these things will help. But I’m not really feeling it. I am so ready for spring!

I have noticed throughout the years that even investors are a little less motivated during the bitter cold and snowy days of winter. read more…

Time is Wasting

Wednesday March 7

Unfortunately this morning I didn’t leave myself any time to get my thoughts down, so here it is midday and I am writing away. It hasn’t been too exciting of a day as far as real estate goes. As always I have a list of things that need to get done. I still haven’t looked into staging for Burghardt, but I did do some shopping for vanities. I spoke with two carpet installers and a plumber. So as I thought about my day the word TIME jumped out to me. read more…