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Membership – Join the REWT Group!

We are a team based membership designed to educate and inspire its members to achieve their life goals through real estate investing.

You are not alone. We have been in your shoes, and we can show you how to do this crazy thing called “real estate investing”. We are not selling a system for you to do, because your journey is unique to you. Instead we are providing an environment for you to learn, ask questions, plan, and then when you are ready, take action. Our team based membership is specifically designed to provide you with relevant training and education, that will save you both time and money, as you learn the world of real estate investing. The training and topics are simple, focused, and effective. Let us inspire you and show you how to think big. That is – how to think like a real estate investor. We are teaching through experience. Let us show you how to turn your dreams into reality. You are capable of incredible things. There are no rights or wrongs. Here – we hope you’ll be inspired create the opportunities you’ll need to achieve your life goals. We want to be a part of that!

We meet often – a minimum of 3 times per month
We learn – Monthly newsletter, monthly podcast
We teach each other – suggested readings (book of the month), mission mindset (our online discussion forum)
We have fun – cashflow game night
Join us!

Together Everyone Achieves More