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The Real Deal

The Real Deal

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Would you do a flip if you were given a good deal, had expert advise on doing the deal, guidance on getting it done, and a watchful eye over the project from beginning to end? Would you do the flip? What would you pay for a successful first flip that an expert helped you to execute to a profitable conclusion? What would that peace of mind be worth?

What if we added that the payment for our help would not be made until the completion of the deal? What if we added that you may have money in your pocket from the deal even after we are paid.

Would you do the flip? This is the REAL DEAL, our Fast Track to getting started in real estate investing. Expert guidance, one on one training, a first deal under your belt and possible money in your pocket. How could you go wrong?

This is one on one coaching from beginning to end of a real flip. We hold your hand through buying a flip which we provide, evaluation of the deal defining the purchase point and the estimated resell value, creating a budget and schedule for repairs, helping with contractors, and finally an exit strategy. No worries. The whole deal from beginning to end is done by you under our expert guidance.

The first step is yours in registering. You start with a consultation with Renee and Ann. There is no obligation until you accept to do the flip. Just press the register button to get started in the Fast Track adventure.