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Tuesday April 3


I started blogging on February 19th. That was 45 days ago. Now obviously I have missed more than my fair share of days from the goal I set, but I also need to look at what I have gotten done. If I hadn’t decided to blog in the first place, I wouldn’t have even written as much as I have.Time goes by day by day. So it is important to set goals and try to accomplish something each day. It doesn’t matter how small it is. For me, as far as blogging goes, my old “habit” or thought process if you will, started to kick in.I have been feeling that there is not anything all that exciting to share. And I have been too concerned about what I would write and if it is good enough. Now, if  you remember, it was those very thoughts that kept me from starting in the first place. I had pushed past those thoughts and it was going really well. Now 45 days later I am having to readdress the same thoughts. Maybe this sounds familiar to you. You get excited and you have ambitions to accomplish something. Maybe you are trying to get your real estate license, maybe you have been thinking about investing. Are you looking to buy an income producing property or flip your  first house? Hopefully you have been working each day in some small way towards your real estate investing goal. Then suddenly you might feel you’re right back where you started. Here are two things to consider.


  1. You are not alone. Even the best of us, if we are honest have habits that will keep us from reaching our fullest potential. Most people who are successful, in mastering their set goal or profession, have someone to help them push on. Athletes have personal trainers to stay motivated and keep their eye on the prize. Professionals have mentors, to help them overcome challenges, businessmen have partners, a buddy to bounce ideas off of, and even artists have muses to fuel their creativity. This is because sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. How we think about what we are doing is so important. Having a person there to help you achieve is a really good thing. All of us can use a gentle reminder of how to stay on track.


  1. Remember to fail your way to success. Do not get weighed down by all the things you are not getting done. Forget about what you haven’t accomplished. Look up and onward to what you have achieved and add a little bit to it each day if possible. One of my favorite sayings from my real estate mentor was how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So if you are looking ahead into the future you have planned, and you think that elephant is just too big, take it one day at a time.


So as I look back to the past 45 days I think wow I got a lot done. And even if I have to reset this cycle 2,3 mo