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Wednesday April 18th

I’m back!! Sorry to say that illness has kept me away from jotting down my amazing tips and secrets, but I am finally well enough and caught up with things so I can get back to it. I cannot believe it is already April 18th. We are more than half way through the month and there is so much to do. There have been a few developments with our real estate projects since I last wrote. So be sure to check out our projects page for updates and photos.The Shephard Rd flip is just about done and ready to hit the market. It is looking really good. Burghardt had an offer and then the buyers got cold feet (so goes real estate) but not to worry, It’ll sell I’m sure of it. Center is coming along nicely. The tile granite and wall colors have all been chosen. So we’re ready when it’s needed. It is a few weeks out, but choosing does take time so having your plan in place will help the process flow better. North Common has finally been started, and this property already has a buyer. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. The buyers tend to get very excited because they have some input into the selections. This results in a LOT of phone calls and text messages. But in the end it is fun to work with someone who is genuinely excited about purchasing the home. In the next couple weeks I will be spending a lot of time making decisions and getting North Common going full steam. There is quite a lot to do there to get it done and it’ll require some coordination among our different crews. The buyer is very excited and ready for it to be done now, but patience will be the name of the game. The biggest thing I need is the plumber to give me a full assessment of the pipes. We need to get the water restored to the property. And we don’t want to get too far ahead until we know if there are any leaks. They are much easier to fix now. So I will be sure to update as the project progresses. As far as the market goes, the spring market has been strong and houses are selling really well.  There is still relatively low inventory which means anything halfway decent is selling and fairly quickly. It continues to be a strong flipping market. Good rental properties are few and far between. But it is always worth the hunt. Happy Investing!