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Acquiring the Property

This property was found at auction. A nice little single family to flip. The roof, the windows, the siding and heating system were all fairly new.  It may need a septic system but it was priced too good to pass up.

Part of the offer was that we would clean out the house. As you can see in the gallery pictures below, they left a lot of stuff! Bedroom sets, beds, couch, chairs, all the junk in the kitchen, dishes, just about everything. It all had to be cleaned out before we could get started doing the flip.

Assessing the project work

We thought the interior was in good shape. Then we opened the ceiling and a wall. Heaven help us with what we found! It was very evident that the electrical needed to all be replaced.

Another thing was the plumbing. We found out that the water wasn’t working and that all the lines from the bathroom to the septic were completely plugged with paper. We realized then that we would have to replace all the plumbing also. Still this gave us an opportunity to move the kitchen and have two very large bedrooms.

We had hoped to add a third bedroom but it just is not feasible.

Problems Happen

So we have the plumbing and the electrical. What more could there be?

When we first saw the house we figured we might have to put a new septic system in. That has turned out to be the case. In addition we found out there were wetlands around, so we may need to work with Conservation.

Working the Plan

We’ve completed cleaning out the house and we’re doing the demolition ourselves, while we wait for the contractors to become available. We are proceeding with the septic system since that will have its own schedule.

Stay posted for continuing updates as we proceed with the renovations.



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