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Oh No! Renee is MIA

Renee is not really MIA. She’s out in the market doing deals. By last count, we have 10 deals going on; some starting, some finishing, and with some we’re in the thick of it. She is amazing. She was just telling me today that there is so much someone could learn just shadowing her for a few hours as she went about her day. read more…

I’m Back


Wednesday April 18th

I’m back!! Sorry to say that illness has kept me away from jotting down my amazing tips and secrets, but I am finally well enough and caught up with things so I can get back to it. I cannot believe it is already April 18th. We are more than half way through the month and there is so much to do. There have been a few developments with our real estate projects since I last wrote. So be sure to check out our projects page for updates and photos. read more…

A Choice To Make

Thursday April 5

Today is not too exciting of a day. Shephard Rd is coming along. The house is about 95% complete. Just waiting on the plumber and a few last items on the exterior. And that requires better weather than what we’ve had as of late.

The market is really good right now. So it is a great time to get it re-listed. However, there has been an interesting development. Tim and Shirley have a choice to make. Here are the details: read more…

One Day at a Time


Tuesday April 3


I started blogging on February 19th. That was 45 days ago. Now obviously I have missed more than my fair share of days from the goal I set, but I also need to look at what I have gotten done. If I hadn’t decided to blog in the first place, I wouldn’t have even written as much as I have.Time goes by day by day. So it is important to set goals and try to accomplish something each day. It doesn’t matter how small it is. For me, as far as blogging goes, my old “habit” or thought process if you will, started to kick in. read more…

What Are They Thinking?

Tuesday March 27

The end of the month is drawing near. I am wondering if Spring will ever get here. It is far too cold! I try to use this time wisely as an investor. Once the warm weather arrives usually all bets are off.

Jonathan, Angela and I went to scout out a potential rehab property yesterday. Jonathan located it and wanted to take a look. The property has a lot of potential. The problem is the asking price is way too high. Jonathan was surprised at how  much work it really needed because the pictures looked pretty good.

Here is our list for starters. read more…