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Agent, Investor, or Both?

Saturday March 24

Good Morning. It’s been a good couple of days. My plan for today is to get over to Burghardt. Take some final pictures and list the property. It is such a good feeling to have that sense of completion, even though I am far from done with it. I am thinking that I will list it today and defer showings until an open house next Saturday morning. read more…

List It or Love It – My Favorite Show

Thursday March 22

Here it is Thursday already!  I am plugging along and working my plan. The snow never came and I am so happy about that! I was out super late getting things done instead of sitting home getting things done. My goal if you remember, was to get Burghardt listed by tomorrow. I am on track to make that happen. Pretty much everything is in place. If you’ve been following along, be sure to check out the project gallery for the latest pictures. I am a little disappointed because the appliances were supposed to be delivered and installed today. Unfortunately due to the storm we never got, my delivery was cancelled. I am told that tomorrow is the day. So I will just have to work with that. read more…

What’s Your Plan Today?


Wednesday March 21

It’s going to be a great day. I am super excited the snow storm has slowed down so I can get a few more things done this morning before it starts to snow later today! Of course an even better morning report would have been that it is missing us all together. Can you believe we are still talking about snow when March is 2/3 ‘s over?  I have a plan so I can get the most done and be home before it starts snowing. read more…

The House is My Canvas


Tuesday March 20

Well it is early and I am ready to roll. Yesterday was a great day because I got a lot done. I still have a lot to do but that goes without saying.  I am really excited with how Burghardt is coming along. It is pretty much done and ready to list. I have started the process of staging it. I am giving myself 1 week to get that process done. The appliances which are the last outstanding item are being delivered on Thursday. I chose to go with Black Stainless and it’s going to look great. I am listing the house on Friday. So they will be here just in time. read more…

Difficult People

Friday March 16

Ok, I see how it is. I get busy for a few days and my diary gets hacked. (smile). I really am grateful every day for the good people I am surrounded by. This brings me to my rant for the morning. And I will apologize in advance for the rant.

Why is it that there are difficult people everywhere you go? For our consideration, I have a case study. Or two …. read more…