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Learn Your RE Market

This is an eight week course, meeting Saturdays at 10 am.

Class start April 7th.

One of first things you should be learning is the market you want to invest in. In order to make money or generate long term wealth you need to understand values in your target market. Markets are constantly changing and every market is different. Your Investment strategy will determine the market you should learn first. This course is a step by step approach to help you gain basic market knowledge. You can apply this system to any market you choose. The knowledge and experience you will gain from this course will help you minimize risk, find deals and be successful in real estate investing.

Learn Your Numbers

This is a four week course, meeting Saturdays at 10 am

Tentatively scheduled to start on June 2nd.

We will cover basic financial literacy, rehab cost projection, carrying costs, profit evaluation, and return on investment. As a real estate investor, you’ll soon discover that numbers are your friend. Understanding and having confidence in your numbers will create opportunity as well as minimize risk.

Build Your Team

This is a two week course.

Prerequisite: Complete ‘Learn Your Numbers’

Finding the deal is the easy part. Managing the project to your desired outcome is where your going to need practice. You will be successful in real estate investing if you take the time to build your team. Having a great team will save you from costly mistakes and allow you to approach your project from a position of control.

Identify the Property

This is a four week course.

 Prerequisites: Complete ‘Learn Your RE Market’, ‘Learn Your Numbers’ and ‘Build Your Team’

After you have mastered market knowledge, you know your numbers, and you have a team, you need to be able to identify and evaluate potential deals. This course will be a step by step system for evaluating potential deals. You will learn what to look for and things to consider building on the knowledge you have gained. You will learn how to create deals using your knowledge.

This is a four week course that requires students to visit properties physically and complete necessary coursework.

Understand Market Reports

This is a two week course.

Market reports provide concrete data to validate the knowledge you have of an area. Real Estate Agents have a great tool called the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. Many investors have been quite successful relying on their agents to provide the information they need. As an investor it may be worth becoming an agent just to have access to this service. Either way you are going to need to understand the MLS and what it offers. This course will provide you training on all the different information the MLS has to offer. How to run the reports and how to analyze the information that is given to you. Should you not have access to the MLS this class will educate you on what you need your agent to do for you. As well as provide you access to the reports that you need for your investment strategy. This course acts as a double check on everything else you have learned. It will confirm whether you have a potential deal or not.

Overcome FEAR

This is a four week course.

Prerequisite: ‘Identify Property’ and ‘Market Reports’

Fear in real estate investing is common. It can be scary at times. There’s a big fear of losing money. There’s concern over the stress that you can feel if something goes wrong. I’ve met many people who want to be investors that are stuck – they want to do deals but just aren’t. When I ask what’s holding them back the answer is almost always FEAR. This course is designed to take everything you have learned so far and help you overcome fear. Students will complete this course having made at least one offer.

RE Investor Training

This is a twelve week course.

No start date scheduled. Register if interested.

This is Real Estate Investing in 6 steps. Our 30+ years condensed into a comprehensive hands on training to get you started in real estate investing. The six courses cover knowing the RE market, building a team, making offers, and getting offers accepted.

Manage the Rehab

This is a two week course.

No start date scheduled. Register if interested.

This course covers everything from closing to closing, from the moment you own the property until you resell it. Defining your exit strategy before you buy is critical. But it is also safe to have a plan B and even a plan C, just in case the market shifts. The course covers dealing with inspectors, assessors, engineers, and contractors; everyone who could make this a dream deal or the deal from hell. Last, we cover handling the surprises in the deal and when to cut your losses.

Manage the Rental

This is a two week course.

No start date scheduled. Register if interested.

This course covers everything for establishing your rental property; rents, leases, tenant interviews and selection. For Massachusetts, we’ll cover housing court, evictions, lawsuits and how to protect yourself and your property.