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Private consultation with Renee and Ann to set goals and plan your real estate investing strategy.


RE Investor Training

REWT, Inc - Real Estate Wealth Training

Real Estate Investing in 6 steps. Our 30+ years condensed into a comprehensive hands on training to get you started in real estate investing. The six courses cover knowing the RE market, building a team, making offers, and getting offers accepted.


REWT, Inc - Real Estate Wealth Training - REAL DEAL

One on one mentoring through the purchase and completion of your first real estate deal (Flip or Rental).

Who is Supporting You in Your RE Investing?

Our team based membership provides affordable education designed to get you started building long term wealth.

Do you have a goal?

REWT, Inc - Step 1 - Create Goals

In 1994 Renee was looking for a place to rent. She had the opportunity to purchase a large mansion with other family members for very little money and live there. Being 19 and not having any clue about real estate investing she didn’t even realize what she had for an opportunity with this purchase. She sold her portion of the house after 2 years for a small return. She was happy. It wasn’t until 9 years later that she realized the opportunity she had missed. She could have been a millionaire at the age of 30! This is where her journey began. Vowing never to miss any opportunities like that again. Her path was now clear. Real Estate was the way to generate long term wealth.

Do you have a plan?

REWT, Inc - Step 2 - Create Plan

Ann was a mom who had left her corporate job and was raising her daughter. One day she was told, “You don’t get anywhere if you continue trading hours for dollars.” He was referring to the need for passive income. This sparked her interest. Ann tried various investment vehicles, read a lot of books, and attended many conventions and seminars. In 2008 she met Renee. And there were a lot of questions. Why did Renee ask so many questions? Because Renee knew something Ann did not. It took Ann a while but she learned the importance of defining these answers for herself. She now knows the importance of having a well defined plan to execute. She now has a systematic plan for doing flips, building capital and acquiring rentals. Planning is the key to success.

Do you have a team?

REWT, Inc - Step 3 - Build Team

Renee and Ann established R.E.W.T, Inc. with the founding principle that real estate investing is and should be part of any PLAN for financial freedom. They have a passion for Real Estate Investing and teaching. They are accessible and willing to help you. They specialize in providing hands on training for Flipping Houses, Acquisition of income producing property, private money lending and long term wealth planning through real estate investing. They want to help you become the best possible you. Because Success is not measured by what you have in the end, it measured by who you become while on the journey.