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We are a team based membership designed to educate and inspire its members to achieve their life goals through real estate investing.

The REWT Group is a closed FB membership. It is free – JOIN NOW – It is for everyone who wants to learn more about real estate investing or for networking with other investors. We are seeking individuals looking to build a collaborative culture. Even though it is free, it is still closed and we will be monitoring it. Only members who maintain a collaborative tone will be allowed to remain part of this group. This group is not for self promotion or advertising your stuff.

At the REWT GROUP we encourage you to bring your questions, share your experiences and celebrate your successes.  Our goal is to get you going and keep you motivated. Be sure to check out our RE Investors Diary and Project Gallery.

Tim and Shirley bought a property for cashflow and then turned it into a flip.

Abi has his first multifamily under contract.

Angela purchased a property and is doing her first flip.

We encourage all to JOIN and share. If you are local to Worcester MA, we will have in person activities; networking, on-locations events, cashflow games, and monthly topic specific meetings found on our calendar page. If you are not local to Worcester MA, and cannot meet with us in person, you will still have access to the people who are meeting regularly as well as information that comes out of these activities.

Our membership is specifically designed to provide opportunities for education, that will save you both time and money, as you learn the world of real estate investing.

Request your free access to the REWT Group today.