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Our Company

R.E.W.T, Inc. is a real estate wealth training company headquartered in Worcester County, MA.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our members understand the many opportunities Real Estate Investing offers as well as support them in executing their personal plans for financial freedom.

Ann & Renee, R.E.W.T, Inc.
Renee Bowlin and Ann LaRoche
established R.E.W.T., Inc with the founding principle that real estate investing is and should be part of any plan for financial freedom. We specialize in providing hands on training for Flipping Houses, Acquisition of income producing property, private money lending and long term wealth planning.

Renee has been investing in Real Estate since 2001, acquiring as many as 13 rental properties or 27 units. She has done well over 25 flips and managed a subdivision build. During that time, she has helped many get into Real Estate investing, initially as the RE agent in the deal, then as a partner, and recently as the mentor. In 2004 she retired from Corporate America. She has succeeded in real estate investing because she had a plan. This plan is her blueprint for long term wealth. Every move, every real estate deal was guided by the plan and got her one step closer to her goal. Renee has learned much about managing rentals, managing tenants, handling contractors, and getting repairs done, dealing with inspectors, and dealing with buyers and sellers. She is willing to share her knowledge and experience.

In 2008, Ann did her first real estate deal, a rental, with the expert help of Renee Bowlin. Before and after that deal Ann attended seminars and programs all of them beneficial to her real estate investing education. Another component to her success was playing the game Cashflow by Robert Kiyosaki. This was key to understanding the mix of flips and rentals in a successful real estate plan for financial freedom. Today, Ann has rental property and manages these rentals and her tenants. She has flipped houses. She is a private money lender with experience in using self directed IRA’s to finance real estate. She understands the value of education and experience and how they work hand in hand. She is willing to share her experience.