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1029 Pleasant 32

Acquiring the Property

This property is my grandparents condo. I have 6 months to renovated it. At the time, it seemed like plenty of time.

Assessing the project work

Interior was in good shape. Still, we took out the carpeting and put in hardwood floors. Both bathrooms needed renovating. We put in ceramic tile on the floor, tiled the walk-in shower and installed new vanities. The rest was the usual;  paint walls and ceilings, and installed new light fixtures.

Problems Happen


There were no problems per se. I’m just not used to around furniture. I like my property empty when I’m renovating.

Working the Plan

Time is running out. My grandparents will be home soon. I’m still coordinating the contractor, plumber, electrician and the floor guy. Oh No! It’s the 11th hour and I’m still doing last minutes things. YEA! It’s done.

Look at that floor shine. Check out the bathrooms in the gallery below.



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